Class Descriptions


We will introduce the fundamentals to movement including balance, strength, endurance, precision, and spatial awareness.  Classes will focus on loco motor, gross motor, and fine motor skill development as well as safe landings.


While in class, the children will be expected to abide by the following rules:

  • Keep their hands to themselves, unless directed by a coach.
  • Listen to the coach.
  • Land on their feet.
  • HAVE FUN!!!!!!

Children learn best through progressions.  Instruction will focus on basic body positions and then build on the skills of each child or participant without asking them to do something they are not ready for or that is not safe.


This hour is for children birth to 4 years.  Coaches are present to ensure safe participation.  It is an unstructured hour. Parents are required to participate with their children.  The cost is $10 per family.  Feel free to drop in.

1 Year

1 Year OldThis 45 minute class is a structured class that focuses on interaction between the children and the parents.  Instruction is for the parents on spotting, body position, and developmentally appropriate gymnastics progressions.  Children gain skills in following directions, motor skills, and build their self-confidence.

2-3 Years parent/child

This 45 minute class focuses on interaction between the children and the coach with the assistance of the parents. Instruction emphasizes acquiring new skills through following directions.  The children participate in a warm-up, obstacle courses, and games.  Coach focus is on proper body positioning, building strength, and having fun while exercising.

3-4-5 Years Preschool

This 45 minute class focuses on interaction between the children and the coach.  Instruction emphasizes acquiring new skills and working together through group activities.  The coach leads the children through a warm-up, obstacle courses, and games.

Grade School Classes

These classes are an hour long and are intended for participants with limited or no experience in gymnastics, tumbling, and parkour.  We will work on skills such as vaulting, bar mounts and dismounts, cartwheels, and handstands.  We will introduce basic tumbling combinations.

Intermediate Classes

These classes are an hour long and participants must complete a skills assessment and efficiently demonstrate basic skills in gymnastics, tumbling, and parkour.  These include monkey vault, handstand, cartwheel, and pullover.  In these classes tricks such as flips and handsprings will be introduced.


This hour long class focuses on floor skills such as round-offs, walkovers, handsprings, and flips.  Participants must efficiently demonstrate a cartwheel, handstand, and back bend for this class.


Parkour is a discipline that enables the practitioner to travel freely through and over any terrain he or she may encounter.  It is about self-improvement physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Class instruction focuses on physical endurance, tumbling, and vaulting.  The focus is on building strength, learning safe landings, and skill progressions.

Teen/Adult Parkour

These classes focus on developing the conditioning and strength needed for functional fitness. Classes will teach various parkour vault techniques, flip progressions, wall spins, bar techniques, wall runs and dropping from heights. Individuals work at their level to progress up.

Open Gym is an unstructured hour to practice skills you can do safely on your own. Students and Participants are expected to warm-up independently and follow the rules of the gym.

Open Gym is free for students signed up in a 9 week session.

Open gym for UN-registered students is $15. (cash or check only please)