Former New Mexico State Champion Gymnast Elisa Dry has been a USA Gymnastics Safety Certified Coach since 1996. She has completed training with nationally recognized programs such as The Little Gym, Patti Komara’s Tumblebear Gym Program, and USA Gymnastics. She has instructed children and youth from ages 4 months to 18 years as well as adults. She has also worked as a training manager where she developed training programs and materials. She was named 2008 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year for the state of New Mexico. She is proud of the Tumbledown Family for receiving the 2009 Business Excellence Award presented by the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce and Century Bank.

She has been trained in early childhood and youth development with CARE International, the Peace Corps, and as a graduate student at Clark University. She is child and adult CPR and First Aid certified.  She traveled to London and achieved her Level 1 Parkour Coaching Certification.

Coaching gymnastics has helped finance her education and given her the skills and self confidence to achieve her goals as an academic and development practitioner. She values her interaction with children and enjoys learning from them as well.


Ayla Taylor- I have been doing gymnastics for about 6 years. I wanted to be a coach because I have always loved gymnastics, but unfortunately had to quit so now I can coach! Coaching is so enjoyable because you get to see kids improve and learn skills that they thought they wouldn’t be able to. I have lived in Colorado and Albuquerque both of which I have done competitive gymnastics.


Daniel G- I have been doing parkour and freerunning for around 6 years, and I have always been self taught. Everything I know I learned from watching YouTube videos. I love it. I love teaching it, and I am incredibly passionate about it. I never was able to have access to a gym and I was terrified to learn flips and tricks. I took a mentor ship with Coach Javier for my school and volunteered here for around six months. My name is Daniel Guadarrama, I am 18 years old and I live right here in Santa Fe.


Alyssa Vigil- I have been doing gymnastics for 4 years. I enjoy working with kids to help them achieve their goals. I also work with lobo cheer because I have had experience in cheerleading for 7 years.


Angelina- I have been doing gymnastics for 4 years. I enjoy working with kids. I love working at Tumbledown Studio’s because I like helping kids improve their skills and help them follow their passions. I also work for lobo cheer so I can continue doing what I love and have done over the past years.


Elijah Salazar-Menzies -Elijah Has been doing Parkour and Gymnastics for many years. Since he was in the 6th grade Elijah has been participating in Parkour and Gymnastics. In the beginning, he was self taught until he found Tumble Down Studios where he now has coached for almost 3 years. Elijah is an incredibly friendly and courteous coach who is driven to help teach and help students form a love for artistic movement. Elijah is always sure to surprise his students with a cool trick or be there to help them learn a cool trick of their own. He loves what he does and loves each and every student he has the pleasure of teaching.


Manish and Archana are the new owners of Tumbledown!  They have moved from Canada with their two beautiful daughters, Shaina and Shauna.  They have 14 years owning and operating day care business in Canada.  Manish has owned businesses around the world.   Archana taught Kindergarten in Bombay, India.  They are excited to come here and meet you all.